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    Have questions about the auction process? We're here to help.

    Is there a fee to join?

    No. To browse is free of cost. However, you will be required to pay a registration fee to bid.

    How can I pay my deposit?

    For vehicles, machinery, plant and property, deposits can be made by any of the following methods: Credit card through our website or mobile applications. Bank transfer to our trust account.

    Cash or cheques are not accepted.

    Is the deposit refundable?

    The deposit is 100% refundable should your bidding not be successful.

    How do I get my Deposit back?

    Please note that your deposit was deducted from your credit card and you can request your deposit refund anytime through our application or by emailing us at admin@liquidationstation.co.za, or you may keep your deposit with Auction Station to bid in upcoming auctions.

    Refund will be credited to the same card used to put the deposit and you will receive SMS and email confirmation once processed. It usually takes 7-15 working days to get the credit back, depending on your card issuing bank.

    It is not allowing me to submit a bid?

    Please make sure you have a valid deposit and meet the bidding limit. Additionally, you can send us an email with the account details and screenshots of the error/message.

    I am currently outside South Africa, How can I pay the deposit?

    You can pay the deposit by any of the following methods: Credit card using our website or mobile applications Bank transfer to our bank account.

    Can i cancel my bidding?

    No. All bids are final and binding.

    Does the auction time get extended?

    Bidders who bid in the last minutes will automatically extend the bidding time to allow others to bid.

    Auction Station has the right to extend the time of the auction In case of any technical issues.

    Do you have to be South African in order to to participate?

    No, our auctions are open to bidders from all over the world.

    You will be required to provide FICA Docs (Id/Passport and Proof of Address)

    When is the auction?

    When visiting the app or webiste you will notice each property has its own ending date which is shown on the listing page.

    What is the payment procedure?

    Each auction has its own specific terms and conditions.

    However, standard practice unless otherwise stated;

    • A percentage commission is payable from the bidder registration deposit received by? Auction Station. Any deposit shortfall will be paid to seller on date of auction.
    • Thereafter, Seller will then call for a deposit is then payable directly after the auction to the seller.

    The auctioneer will contact the highest bidder to collect the remainder of the funds.

    Are all auctions cash only?

    No, FINANCE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE – however please contact the auctioneer prior to the auction.

    What does it cost the seller?

    Zero, Nada, Nothing, Nix. The buyers pay the commission.

    *We may however require a advertising fee as a cost recovery in certain situations.

    How does the auction process work?

    Click to view guide for buyer

    Click to view guide for seller

    Typically, in the case of properties marketed for four weeks prior to the auction date. We have a team of dedicated digital marketers who will work alongside the listing agent, educate potential bidders about the auction, and facilitate registrations.

    The properties are typically available every day during this timeframe for potential bidders to view and inspect. Due diligence is encouraged, as all sales are ?voetstoets,? as is. The Terms and Conditions of Sale, Offer to purchase, and available property documents can be downloaded from each property listing.

    Do you accept pre-auction offers?

    It is not uncommon to receive pre-auction offers, and all offers are presented for consideration. This period also allows you to place a bid subject to finance.

    Can I make a cash offer to the auction?

    Yes, simply click on the Buy Now button. The buy now price is the pre-agreed threshold price inclusive of all commissions and fees without contingency.

    Can estate agents use this platform to help sell properties for their clients

    Auction Station welcomes all estate agents, government departments, auctions or buying groups to use this platform.
    Please contact +27 72 850 1101 if you would like to participate

    As a private individual can I sell my asset?

    Yes, Auction Station has a referral programme and engages with preferred providers in your area.
    We also welcome all estate agents, brokers and auctioneers to register on our referral programme.
    Please contact +27 72 850 1101 if you would like to participate

    What are the different auction formats you use?

    Auction Station offers various methods of auction or selling:

    • Online only auction.
    • Simultaneous Online and Live Floor Streaming.
    • Tender Bid includes audit trail.
    • Timed countdown auction.
    • Portfolio dispersal sale. i.e Multiple Properties sold by one owner

    Not all items are sold with a reserve? We have two methods

    1. Without Reserve?? The property will sell to the highest bidder on auction day. There is no minimum bid that must be exceeded to purchase the property. The auctioneer reserves the right to employ responsible selling principles
    2. Reserve?? The property will sell at or above a pre-determined price threshold on auction day. Once the reserve has been met a notification will appear to the bidders.

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